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The ultimate in performance, quality and fuel consumption

Are you tired of a 3600 hour TBO? Do you want your Caravan to perform? Texas Turbines has the ultimate in TBO, performance, quality, and fuel consumption. We can install a Honeywell TPE331-12JR engine in your Caravan that will give you exactly what you need. Our conversion will allow your airplane to take-off shorter, climb quicker, cruise faster for the same fuel burn, or cruise farther for the same speed… You can have all of this with a 7000 hour TBO at a lower hourly operating cost.

Knowing that this aircraft is flown throughout the world in some very remote places, we have selected an engine and propeller combination with a well-proven history. The conversion uses a flat-rated 900 hp Honeywell engine. Flat-rating an engine lengthens the life while holding rated power at higher altitudes and higher temperatures. Also, Honeywell engines are direct drive engines allowing for instantaneous power response with no spool-up time. The four-blade Hartzell prop coupled with slower turning 900 shp engine equates to a quiet aircraft with great static thrust for takeoff, quicker climb, and faster cruise. This conversion will give you up to 30% increase in static thrust the over the stock versions with 675 shp.

The conversion includes the following components:

  • New Honeywell TPE331-12JR engine
  • New Hartzell 110″ four-blade, reversible, full-feathering propeller
  • New engine mount
  • New starter/generator
  • New engine instruments (except oil press. and fuel flow)
  • New engine cowlings
  • New Concorder RG390 sealed batteries
  • New oil cooler
  • New electronic generator control unit
  • New electronic alternator control unit
  • New electrical junction box, and modified electrical system
  • New hardware and misc. components

The kit does not include paint