The Ultimate in Performance, Quality and Fuel Consumption

Are you tired of a 3600 hour TBO? Do you want your Caravan to perform? Texas Turbine Conversions, Inc. has the ultimate in TBO, performance, quality, and fuel consumption. We can install a Honeywell TPE331-12JR engine in your Caravan that will give you exactly what you need. Our Supervan 900 Conversion will allow your airplane to take-off shorter, climb quicker, cruise faster for the same fuel burn, or cruise farther for the same speed. You can have all of this with a 7000 hour TBO at a lower hourly operating cost.

Knowing that this aircraft is flown throughout the world in some very remote places, we have selected an engine and propeller combination with a well-proven history. The conversion uses a flat-rated 900 hp Honeywell engine. Flat-rating an engine lengthens the life while holding rated power at higher altitudes and higher temperatures; also, Honeywell engines are direct drive engines, allowing for instantaneous power response with no spool-up time. The four-blade Hartzell propeller coupled with slower turning 900 shp engine equates to a quiet aircraft with great static thrust for takeoff, quicker climb, and faster cruise. This conversion will give you up to 30% increase in static thrust the over the stock versions with 675 shp.

The conversion includes the following components:

  • New Honeywell TPE331-12JR engine
  • New Hartzell 110″ four-blade, reversible, full-feathering propeller
  • New engine mount
  • New starter generator
  • New engine instruments (except oil press. and fuel flow)
  • New engine cowlings
  • New Teledyne 7639-30LT sealed batteries
  • New oil cooler
  • New electronic generator control unit
  • New electronic alternator control unit
  • New electrical junction box and modified electrical system
  • New hardware and misc. components

The kit does not include paint