From the designers of the Supervan modified Caravan comes a new company, BS Designs, Inc., a company dedicated to further performance increases in the Supervan and other aircraft.

In its efforts to drive the performance of the airplane that has become the superior platform of the skydiving industry to the next level, BS Designs partnered with Hartzell propeller to design, test, and certify the next generation propeller for the Supervan conversion. This propeller was developed with a carbon fiber composite-blade design on an aluminum hub, reducing the weight of the propeller assembly by 60 pounds, when compared to the existing aluminum propeller.

The goal of the new propeller was to improve the takeoff and climb performance beyond the unsurpassed performance operators now enjoy.

Advanced computer technology was employed to design a propeller that not only maximized efficiency, but was also aesthetically pleasing.

Flight Testing

Initial flight testing has revealed that this new composite-blade delivers the performance
expected. During such testing, BS Designs saw a shorter takeoff roll and increased climb performance. Typically, a decrease in cruise speed will be realized with a propeller designed for low end thrust. However, during test it was found that, because of the increase in propeller efficiency, the airplane enjoyed a 1-2 knot increase in cruise performance.

What This Means to Operators

The new composite-blade propeller will provide operators a faster climb to altitude, with 60 lbs. of weight savings and a reduction in fuel burn on a per-load basis.

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