Do you want the ultimate in quality, performance, and fuel consumption?

Our conversion will allow your airplane to haul more, take-off shorter, climb faster, cruise farther, and burn less fuel. Knowing that this aircraft is flown in some of the harshest environments in the world, we have selected an engine and propeller combination with a well-proven history. The four-blade prop coupled with slower turning engine equates to great static thrust for takeoff and higher horsepower for improved climb.

The conversion uses a flat-rated 900 hp Garrett engine. Flat-rating an engine lengthens the life while holding rated power at higher altitudes and higher temperatures. Also, Garrett engines are direct drive engines allowing for instantaneous power response with no spool-up time. Our conversion allows for 40% increase in static thrust over previous conversions.

The kit includes the following components:

  • New Hartzell 110″ four-blade, reversible, full-feathering propeller
  • New engine mount
  • New starter/generator
  • New Electronics International digital engine instruments
  • New engine cowlings
  • New Gill dual, independent 43 amp/hr. lead-acid batteries
  • New oil cooler
  • New electronic generator control unit
  • New stainless steel enclosures for batteries and electrical relays
  • New bleed-air ejector vacuum system
  • New bleed-air heater system
  • New hardware and misc. components

The kit does not include paint or long-range fuel.