The Garrett Otter is certified in both the U.S. and Canada on wheels, wheel-skis, and floats.
The factory overhauled engines come with a 7000 hour TBO for commercial operators (FAR 135/121 or Canadian Equiv.) or a 5000 TBO for FAR 91 or non-commercial operators. There is one hot section at 3500 or 2500 hours respectively.
The Garrett Otter has the same fuel capacity as the standard Otter, because the fuel system operates essentially the same as the original Otter. The total capacity is 213 U.S. gal. Kal-Air Repair, Ltd. (one of our authorized installation centers) offers an STC’d extended range tank system that provides an additional 38 U.S. gal.
We recommend that everyone overhaul their fuel bladders and sending units, because they are not covered under the conversion and will typically weep fuel after jet fuel is used. We do replace all fuel tank gaskets and dyna-seals as part of the conversion.
The Garrett is definitely louder on the ground than the PT6 (probably twice as loud) at idle. From the takeoff run, climb-out, and cruise, the Garrett is quieter than both the PT6 and the Walter (with 106″ 3-blade). See City of Juneau, AK. noise test
Yes. The conversion cost includes everything to put the airplane to work, except match painting and shipping of the kit.
Yes. We will meet you at the installation facility at the time of delivery to cover ground school and flight training.
Yes. If you purchase a factory overhauled engine, you can send two maintenance personnel to the Honeywell (Garrett) facility in Phoenix , AZ., for a two week Prop Line Maintenance Course. Room and board is not included.
Yes. You will be provided with paper Garrett maintenance and illustrated parts manuals, Hartzell maintenance manual, and a TTC, Inc. maintenance manual supplement.
The Garrett Otter burns approximately 5 gals/hr less than the PT6 and about 10 gals/hr less than the Walter for the same speed and configuration (i.e. STOL kit, floats, etc.). See fuel burn calculations page.

All factory overhauled engines have the following life limited components:

Any operating sequence involving engine start, aircraft takeoff and landing, and engine shutdown.
Honeywell (Garrett) offers cap hot sections and cap overhauls. The pricing is dependent upon being a commercial or non-commercial operator. (This information is being updated)
The hourly operating cost varies upon which TBO program and can vary between $32/hr and $45/hr. (For more detailed information see engine operating cost breakdown.)

The following floats are shown as compatible with the Garrett Otter:

No. TTC, Inc. has a goal to provide the customer with a high quality final product, and we feel that controlling the installation process through installation facilities is the only way to truly guarantee that quality.
Currently Recon Air is the only authorized installation facility outside of Texas Turbines. Presently, we are working on establishing another facility in eastern Canada .