Before & After

Week 1:

The radial engine and all firewall forward items are removed. The cockpit has all items relating to the radial engine operation removed. The aircraft firewall, cockpit, and hell hole are thoroughly cleaned before the new kit is installed.

Week 2:

Sheet metal work on the firewall and old augmenter recesses is accomplished. This work includes adding strength doublers to the engine attach points and in the cockpit.

Week 3:

Cockpit electrical system is installed which includes removing all circuit breakers from the junction box behind the copilot’s seat and installing new circuit breaker in front of the pilot. The new digital engine instruments and panels are also installed at this time

Week 4:

Install engine mount assembly with new electrical junction box, battery box, wiring harnesses and a factory overhauled engine. Install bleed-air heater and bleed-air vacuum system.

Weeks 5 & 6:

Install cowlings and access doors. Install and rig new engine control rods and modified control handles. Match paint or paint entire aircraft (not included in installation cost).


Final inspection of entire engine installation by TTC, Inc.’s President, Bobby Bishop, and authorized installation facility. First engine test runs, first test flights and training will be conducted by Bobby Bishop at installation facility.